Monday, 25 March 2013

Pinterest Mom Wannabe 1 - Bunny treat bags

I saw some little bags similar to this on Pinterest, and thought they would make a nice little treat to hand out to the Preschool teachers at the Easter garden party.  

Oh Happy Day has a template to cut out the bags, but since my bags were a completely different shape to the print out, I just cut on the basis of a third in, and a half down. I didn't worry about punching the holes as in the template. Perhaps my paper was too thick? A scrunch and tie was perfectly fine for my bags.

Also, my bags had a pleat, so the ears needed to be turned out before gathering together (I realised this after creating a double set of ears bunny first). I used cupcake wrappers to add the ear detail, and found it easier to glue on after tying the ribbon around to form the ears - easier to slide the detail into place. On the back I glued a little cotton tail (essential feature, no?). Easy peasey big long ears-ey and off to the teachers tomorrow afternoon.


  1. So very cute, I like your version better!

  2. Love it! Will definitely be using for my toddlers class :)

  3. Such a creative use for such basic items. I'll be using this soon!

  4. I'm the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your project! You can see it here:

    If you have other kid-friendly crafts, we'd love it if you would submit them. If you would like to display a featured button on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above. Thanks for a wonderful project idea!

  5. This is a great idea, thank you for sharing, i might have this made for Easter party this year :)

  6. Thank you for this idea. I'm making some to give out as gifts tomorrow to family. Am sharing on Facebook.

    Anne @ Domesblissity


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